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The SHERO SistaGirl™ Brunch is about laughing, crying, learning, and sharing with another SistaGirl™ that is striving to make a difference in OUR COMMUNITY! Come be inspired or inspire another. Come engage with another SistaGirl™. We must understand our responsibility and connect with one another on this journey to make a change, consequently we can help sustain OUR COMMUNITY! 

We all know that there are SHEROS who paved the way for so many of us; some we know and some we do not know. Oftentimes we look to someone else to SAVE us. Oftentimes we look for someone else to have the answers. We look for that MAGIC to show up and just turn the impossible into the possible. We very seldom look to ourselves to be just that person with the answer. How about looking within all while using the lessons learned from your SHERO? How about letting the YOU in YOU be the SHERO that OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS?

We will be using Superheros as our foundation throughout the brunch.

Our amazing moderator is MZZZ Kecia. She is a local, with a national zest, commedienne that is no joke as she gives us directions and instructions with her quick, thought-provoking comebacks throughout the brunch. The things she says makes you say "hmmm". She will keep us on our toes!

We are excited to have Wyndie Oh! returning as our outstanding artist. She is the CEO of Oh! What an Event Entertainment & Production. She will be entertaining us with the voice of her musicality that will just keep you moving throughout our brunch!

Our dynamic, outstanding and no nonsense speaker is Tennessee State Representative Raumesh Akbari. She and her family own and operate the World Trichology Institute and the Lisa Akbari Hair Care Products line. Her mission is of public service, devoted to the needs of the people of her community, of Memphis and Shelby County, and of the entire State of Tennessee. ( 

Throughout our brunch there will be networking opportunities, shopping experiences, and thought-provoking and fun-filled activities as well as door prizes

To maintain the intimacy of our brunches, we only have a limited number of tickets available.

Bring a SistaGirl!™ Meet a SistaGirl!™ Sponsor a SistaGirl!™

Attire: Wear your Favorite SuperHero Attire

Tickets: $30.00 - by 12.31.17 | $40.00 - by 2.28.17 | $45 at the doo